Sum Sanos


How can you create life long healthy habits?

Most people want a new result in their life that comes from creating new behaviours. To change behaviours you need a set of capabilities, beliefs and habits which is what coaches Christine and Allison provide through the Sum Sanos program. 

Check out the Sum Sanos stall to be entered into their raffle offering a 90 minute free health coaching session! 



ENJO believes in putting healthy living first, and look to challenge the conventional!

Shining a light on sustainable living with a range of safe and effective fiber cleaning products that need absolutely no chemicals come check out ENJO's stall to learn about small changes you can make which will have a large positive impact on your health, our environment and save you money. 

Featuring home products, body and lifestyle range and the Natural Helpers Collection.

Total Balance Chiropractic


Change Your Posture, Change Your Life!

Total Balance Chiropractic is a boutique chiropractic practice located in Hamilton. 

Total Balance Chiropractic will be offering FREE ten minute spinal check and chats for people of all ages. 



Come along and meet the doTERRA Wellness Advocates from the Healing Oils Tribe. 

With three lovely ladies to help you learn about the benefits of doTERRA Essential Oils and Products you can find ways to heal through low-tox living, how to replace chemicals in the home for cleaning, skin care, improving emotional well-being and more. 

Wild Womb Co -


Come have a chat with Liz Burton of Wild Womb Co - about your menstrual cycle and menstrual health. 

Come learn and look at a range of sustainable period products available and book into workshops and online courses with Wild Womb Co!

An interactive stall with a game and giveaway!

EcoFit with the UoN


In partnership with Lake Macquarie City Council and Newcastle City Council, University of Newcastle researchers are recruiting for a new, nationally-funded trial that blends smartphone technology with park-based fitness facilities to encourage community exercise in the great outdoors. 

The study, called ecofit, involves aerobic and resistance (weight-bearing) training for a full-body workout that’s fast, fun and free for anyone aged 18-80 who isn’t meeting physical activity guidelines.  

Come to their booth to learn more and enrol!

Scarlett’s Fitness & Nutrient Nation


If you’re after fitness and nutrition advice to fit your lifestyle and wellness goals, check out Scarlett’s Fitness and Nutrient Nation, a dynamic team of personal trainers and dietitians with a passion for health and wellness.

Find out what sets them apart and hear how their fitness and nutrition programs can restore your health, energy, and performance!

The Forum


Running activities throughout the day and offering give away prizes including memberships, merchandise packs and complimentary passes- you'll definitely want to stop by The Forum's marquee.

For the Festival, they are sharing the launch of a new Summer Starter Membership.  Buy 3 months and receive one month free, only $250!

In addition, they are selling Forum Merchandise packs and will have Body Composition Scans and Healthy Heart Checks at a discounted rate.  

BU Coaching


If you feel like you're just ticking the boxes of life, but not really living or fulfilling your potential -come have a chat to us about how you can make an impact, starting with self

Participate in an interactive art installation to share your goals and be sure to spin the prize wheel to win free gifts. 

We are here to help YOU live a happier and healthier life.  

The Movement Collective


In addition to selling merchandise which includes bags, drink bottles, and tank tops, The Movement Collective is excited to meet you and get your whole family involved in movement!

Come learn about Membership offers and information on their programs and how to get involved (kids and adults). 

An interactive stall, TMC will be having a longest handstand competition with a prize pack for adults and kids! Also a 15 seconds to move competition! 

Prize pack will include a free session in their new full spectrum infrared saunas at TMC. 

Senses Sanctuary


Helping you come to your senses!

Experience a range of fun, enjoyable and soothing sensory experiences that promote wellness, educate about and provide resources on simple ways to deal with stress and promote self-care.

  • Interactive “Sensory Stations”
  • Sensory Experience Guessing Games
  • A Sensory Lucky Dip
  • A “Senses Oracle” 

Also meet author and Vietnam Veteran Greg Wirt, who wrote “D-TOUR: My unexpected Journey to Joy through PTSD,” and ask him questions related to experiences of dealing with stress, anxiety, PTSD in holistic ways.  

The Movement Improvement Clinic


Receive a 10-15 minute assessment from The Movement Improvement Clinic.

The Movement Improvement Clinic works with patients using osteopathic based techniques.

Their aim is to reduce overall pain and discomfort with the use of a hands on approach that targets certain anatomical and physiological structures of the body.

Cyprus Kitchen


Recipes from our families kitchen, come get a taste of Greek Cypriot street food! 

Gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options!

Treelight Trading Pty Ltd


We are dedicated to making fresh, crispy and healthy dumplings to wake up your buds. Our Every dumpling pastry is delicately handmade. 

We keep the Chinese original taste also combine the Australian local people tastes, picking seasonal ingredients and fresh filings.

Schillykickk Thai Street Fusion


Rollin' the streets of Newcastle serving fresh Thai flavours with a modern twist. 

Options for dietary needs!

AoK Health


AOK Health specialise in fitness and exercise equipment which increases the body's balance & functional fitness, essential for daily living and well-being. 

Bringing a variety of equipment for you to try, come check out the latest gear!

Genesis Health and Fitness


Genesis Health and Fitness Mayfield Gym is conveniently located for gym users in Mayfield, Waratah, Warabrook, Maryville, Carrington, Hamilton, Tighes Hill, Wickham, Lambton, New Lambton, Sandgate, Islinton, Mayfield West, North Lambton, Callaghan, Waratah West and Jesmond. 

Group Fitness Classes

Coaching Zone

Come visit the Genesis Health and Fitness stall for information and let's customize a plan for your individual needs and interests!